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SAVE ME, I'M FINE - Status Update Bracelet Unisex

One thing we can guarantee in life is change . Every day is different and we have many different aspects of life to navigate. Mental health is becoming one of the fastest growing dis eases in our society. We recognize this and so this bracelet was created. When you ask someone how they are , they usually say “ I’m fine thanks” , even though they really need saving. 

Each " Status Update" bracelet is individually handcrafted with one of our skilled artisans, actually precisely and painstakingly sawing the letters into the golden brass to read "Save Me" or " I'm Fine" depending on which direction you choose to wear it! One wrist candy, two messages . 

Besides the message, it’s a super cool bracelet to wear ... a bit statement and a bit rock n roll. 

Hand Crafted from high quality Tarnish Resistant recycled Brass . 

These bracelets are unisex and adjustable.