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Crystal Power Cluster Quartz Claw Ring

This stunning, show stopping ring gives you the feeling of being protected and strong.

Snake Symbol:

The symbol of the Native American snake was highly regarded and utilised in ritual to invoke an element of pointed focus and weighty influence.

In Eastern Indian mythology the Sanskrit word for snake is naga and this is associated with the element of water. Picking up water’s symbolism of emotion, love and motion, nagas in this light are considered a feminine aspect and embody nurturing, benevolent, wise qualities.

Guardian of large treasures and fortunes.

The Snake represents the Kundalini energy rising.

Crystal Quartz : 


Promotes CLARITY • and magnet for MANIFESTATION •  and FOCUS. 


Sustainable Recycled brass, ethically sourced  crystal quartz. Entirely handmade over several days by our incredible artisan jewelers.