Love + Care

caring for your jewelry

Try to always store and transport your jewelry in its pouch - small plastic ziplocks are great! And if you live in a warm humid climate a little anti humidity packet is great!

We make all our jewelry to wear ourselves first, and, personally, we at Gypsy Belles and our tribe of friends here in Bali and Ibiza, like to never take our jewelry off; even when we jump off a boat, go to yoga, get massages, or play in the sand; and our jewelry still stays nice and shiny for a few months of very serious abuse.  This said: if you want to have it last much longer: 

Keep salt or chlorine pool water, perfume and other sprays and lotions and perfume away from your jewelry (these elements can discolor metal parts). 

This doesn’t apply to our Gypsy Belles Gold leaf filled bangles: they are made to withstand swimming in the sea or the pool:  making sand castles on the beach, detoxing in saunas & steam baths, mud and body scrub treatments, and heck: even clam digging and pitching tents at festivals…LOL...If they ever do pop open, which can happen if you put them on or take them off in haste, not to worry, the gold dust won’t fall out, just use a drop of strong glue glue shit again pinch it closed with a snack clip or a your hands around a cloth holding it shut a few moments, and Voila!

If you do want to take the Gypsy Belles bangles on or off, we recommend you soap up your hands and then put them on or take them off, coconut or baby oil is great too and will make them slip on SO much easier !  

If you wish to bring back the shine to a piece that has tarnished metal that hasn’t been harmed by the things mentioned above:  then use a small silver polishing cloth or non-abrasive silver polish. 

Bringing back the sparkle to gemstones is easy and very effective. Place a small amount of washing up liquid on a soft clean tooth brush and gently brush the stone from all angles.

When buying pieces from us with gemstones or crystals be sure to charge them up at the next full moon!

Following these tips can keep your Gypsy Belles jewelry in top condition for many years to come!

All GypsyBelles Brass jewelry is coated with a tarnish resistant coating. However just like all of our gemstones and jewelry, we recommend you do not allow any water, perfume or oil to get on your special piece.

Occasionally your piece may need some love and care and a bit of a polish. Use a product like Brasso with a soft cloth and shine it up. Let us know if you have any queries on caring for your jewelry.