Gypsy Belles Temple Gold Lucky Bangles

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Light as a feather! Waterproof - lotionproof - massageproof.

Wear them on your charmed arms and never take them off ! 

Available in two sizes (Most people need Medium) 

The Gypsy Belles Lucky Gold Bangles contain 22k gold leaf powder fallen from the collective prayers of countless individuals collected all over the temples of South East Asia.

Gold leaf appears everywhere throughout the Buddhist temples of South East Asia. Step inside most temples and you will find locals lined up to press down small squares of gold leaf on the Buddha sculptures as offerings as they pray. 

As the Gold leaf squares are pressed onto the statues, bits of the 22k gold fall like a fine dust - powder around the sculpture's base, this 22k gold powder is periodically and carefully collected by the Monks. It is blessed gold powder falling from these many prayers made that is collected here in these Gypsy Belles bangles as a reminder of a collective human consciousness that shines in all of us as bright as the Sun ... 

These look best when worn as a stack so they are sold in groups of 5 bangles together mixed thin and thick! 

The images here show how we love to mix our gold bangles with our other favorite bracelets (other bracelets coming soon).

Medium bangles diameter - 2.5 inches / 6cm (most popular size)
Large bangles diameter - 2.75 inches / 7cm