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Gold & Bling LOVE bracelet

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We all Love Love and we all Love wearing Love. It’s a message and reminder that never gets old as “Love is all there is. ”

This striking, super cool bracelet is beautifully made from stainless steel and high quality cubic zirconia. CZ

CZ are more durable, more expensive and offer better light reflection or bling than the Swarovski Crystal alternative. The manufacturing process allows more facets but is more complicated than Swarovski Crystals and shines bright like a diamond . 

Diamonds or not diamonds... who will tell? 

Light up your LOVE with this high quality stunning piece .

Wear it on its own or surround it with a stack of our Gold Temple Lucky Bangles .

The world needs more love and it needs yours.

Care Instructions: To keep this piece in its best condition, do not submerse in water or spray perfume directly.