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Sacred Bee Important Ring Bumblebee Jasper + Onyx

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Sustainable Recycled brass, ethically sourced  humblebee jasper and onyx gemstone. Entirely handmade over several days by our incredible artisan jewelers in Bali. 

Going far back in history and in several religious and mystical traditions Bees were seen as a symbol of power , determination and strength.

Wearing bees on your person isn’t just “Cute” it’s a nod to their complex communication and body language.  It reaches far into their magical world of harmony and peace As well as the sacred geometry they creative.

Bumble Bee Jasper is a strong earth energy stone, that embodies within it the strong energy of the volcano from which it was birthed.

A highly unique and hard to come by stone, Bumble Bee Jasper is a metaphysical stone with great hidden powers and potential.

These stones come from the powerfully mystic island of West Java in Indonesia, and are not really members of the Jasper family as they do not contain quartz.

Bumble Bee Jasper forms host to a wide range of positive energies that can be used by you to better enhance your everyday life.

Having this stone in your possession will enable you to pick out the best opportunities for yourself and your family.

Bumble Bee Jasper will also enable you to become much more susceptible to change and new surroundings.

This will help you break away from your comfort zone and explore avenues that you previously wouldn’t have and you never know, one of these avenues might just change your life!

If you’ve found yourself become a victim of unusual circumstances then you can use this stone to help rectify all such situations.



You will have the courage to face other people and tell them your side of the story and with the help of Bumble Bee Jasper, you will soon be cleared of any doubt.

Bumble Bee Jasper can also help give you an ego boostand help highlight your individuality so that you may start seeing yourself in a whole different light.

If you are someone who suffers through constant depression then this stone can definitely help ward some of this depression off and replace it with positivity.

Bumble Bee Jasper will also enable you to realize that you are the sole master of your own destiny and that it is only you who can control what happens to your life.