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Sacred Bee Important Pendant Turquoise + Lapis Lazuli

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Sustainable Recycled brass, ethically sourced  humblebee jasper and onyx gemstone. Entirely handmade over several days by our incredible artisan jewelers in Bali. 

Going far back in history and in several religious and mystical traditions Bees were seen as a symbol of power , determination and strength.

Wearing bees on your person isn’t just “Cute” it’s a nod to their complex communication and body language.  It reaches far into their magical world of harmony and peace As well as the sacred geometry they creative.


It’s reputed for its ANXIETY & STRESS RELIEF properties  • CALMING And even aids in ANGER MANAGEMENT • greatly appreciates as it RELIEVES INSOMNIA •


Is known to AWAKEN POTENTIAL . And is a TALISMAN AGAINST EVIL.  It also helps to FIND ENCOUNTERS OF FATE and Luck chance meetings that can open magical doors !