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Eye See You Lapis Talisman Long Ring

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This  "Eye See You " long Lapis ring is individually handcrafted with one of our skilled artisans, actually precisely and painstakingly creating the design to protect you from jealousy and envy.  High quality Lapis Lazuli Cabochons Gemstones lend their metaphysical powers to it.  The Sumerians thought that the spirit of their gods and goddesses lived within this stone.  The ancient Egyptians said it represented the celestial firmament.  Since the dawn of timelapis lazuli has been intertwined  with royalty, courage, strength and wisdom.  Best quality, high polish specially treated recycled brass and stainless steel. 

Start a conversation before saying a word with this adjustable ring that fits most sizes - for any questions just email us as we make all pieces to order, expect it 2 or 3 weeks after you order it. sooner if we have your size. 

Sustainably made, for example the adjustable size 5/6 opening in back can make it adjustable to up to 7,8,9. Email is for any questions !