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Shield Pendant Small

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The Shield Ring is a unique, bold design from our “Wonder Woman Collection “, made from recycled brass and stainless steel. We made this collection to remind you to BE YOUR OWN KNIGHT IN SHINING ARMOUR. It’s our belief that the moment you love yourself so much that you protect yourself and care for yourself first, you will attract higher vibration people in your life who will treat you the way you deserve.

Mother of Pearl: 

* Developing potential * Energy Flow *Builds Self Esteem

The love energy of Mother of Pearl is both effective for yourself and others, It can be used in many situations like increasing love, luck or increasing you self-esteem.

Pink Tourmaline:

* Enhances a love of humanity.

* Excellent stone for healers, therapists and councillors as it enhances the ability to really listen and so better understand clients.

*Carries the virtue of unconditional love and friendship.


 Sustainably Handmade with recycled brass.
Pink tourmaline and mother of pearl are set by hand. 

Incredible craftsmanship and many hours go in to bringing this piece alive.

Our pieces are made - to - order for the most popular chain size, however we are happy to accommodate your particular size and needs, so feel free to email us after you’ve placed your order. Typically your piece will be shipped 2 to 4 weeks after your order is received !